work in progress...

 Work in progress...

A small detail from my studio...

"You can only become accomplished at something you truly love. Don't make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and do them so well, people can't take their eyes off of you." Maya Angelou

'It is extraordinary how having done a thing once you have to do it again, there is the pleasure of coincidence and there is the pleasure of repetition.' Gertrude Stein

Summer 2015..........


Drawing for next work 'Clara'

February 2015
Working on how to change the background AND the details of details

nearly done..

 Experimenting with the background- changed it....

The details of details
I have made the small lace by hand, from knitting with thin cotton thread

I am still working on HAIR.....

nearly done.......

Merry christmas from my studio on Vesterbro
ho ho ho.......

 October - december
I have taken some time to do crazy/fun/original experiments...
Embroidery on famous postcards or small objects in metal wire.
These could all be used as original art gift for christmas
They will 'turn up' i The Studio Gallerys 'Art christmas calender'
An inspiration to offer 'personal' gifts this christmas....

Still working on them

September 2014

Dark clouds?

August 2014
working small scale

Working on a small bird image and the theme of 'a presence'...

Preparing for the H. C. Andersen exhibition in august

A small 'Deco' for the event were you can write greetings on H. C. A postcards

Also 'Deco' for the window - theme this year is 'to travel is to live' - in form of suitcases. There is to be suitcases in all the shop windows, this end of town.

And while experimenting, I made the smallest sculptural drawing I have ever made 5x5 cm WITH frame...sold

næsten færdig....august 2014

And continuing on the small scale - a tiny study af a detail from the big piece  I have yet to make 'The princess on the pea'

Looks very differet finished....
This is work in progress for the H. C. Andersen exhibition - 'Sommerfuglen'

Started the first piece for the H. C. Andersen exhibition in August...


nearly done......


working on pieces for the next show "Round forms"


February 2014
Working on Daisy....

Working on BRAve...

Et voila...'BRAve' in metal wire

jaunuary 2014

'Small dress'

'Small dress' finished ....

'On reflection'

This is what I am  working on now - for the exhibition that starts in 4 days....
Dont know if it makes sense to others that me?

This is part of the piece too

next step.....

færdig, finished et voila

Working on wings. 
Initial idea, taking wings of after a long days work - taking a break! I am happy about the idea but the piece is not working, too heavy when seeing it in real life.

Voila, the finished wing called
'The shadow of a wing'

Vera - unfinished....


This is an ongoing experiment, I started in 2012 and I am still knitting on this large doily (about 50x50 cm by now).. 
As it develops in seize I try to see how I can get the 
shadow to play an important role. 
Update: january 2014 - the experiment is still unfinished.....looks like it might need to change direction!

Changes, now white feb. 2014

(More birds)
This is a photograph taken of "On wings of hope". The photograph shows part of the piece, with the shadow present. The way the shadow changes the birds,  just makes me want to work and work.  

January 2013



Working on a series of bags in all shapes, seizes and .......

Photos of "there will always be flowers where you are"
experiments with the presentation of the piece

More bags.....

 This is the sculptural drawing I am working on now, after about 6 hours the hair is done. 

 Some photos of the sculptural drawing with the shadow very visible, this is more an experiment with the effect of sunlight at a low ancle, direcly on the piece.